Friday, December 23, 2011

Plaid About You - Day 5!

After (5) days of training, work, having my hands submerged in water a lot, cleaning up after kittens and cleaning in general, this is what "Plaid About You" looks like...

...after the jump!


They still look pretty darn good!

There has been some obvious regrowth, and general tip wear. But otherwise, this manicure is still intact. There is a small chip there on the side of my thumb closest to the bottom of the picture, but that nail broke last night so I'm not faulting the strips. The design isn't fading, the top coat is still pretty glossy, and overall, I'm loving how long and well these strips are lasting.

My right hand (which tends to be more dominant) also has a chip on the thumb, and my ring finger's nail broke during jiu-jitsu. So after filing that down, applying another layer of top coat - et voila! Good as new, if just a bit shorter. But one item that is a little bit of a bugger...

See how the edges of the strip are curling upward?

Oooooooh man it's annoying.
I want to just flick it off already, but resisted for the sake of this update.

But from afar, it doesn't take away from the pattern or that it's worn (5) days.

There have been some comments around the blogosphere that this could be due to using top coats like Seche Vite - causing shrinkage on the strip. I've used Diamond Dry as a top coat for this manicure, and it does have the same ingredients as Seche Vite, but not in the same concentrations.

The first strips I had tried out, "Bling it On!", definitely didn't last this long - I wonder if that's because it was a glitter? Have you tried/compared the different types of strips and how well they wear - shimmer, glitter, creme and patterned?

Based on this experience, I'm really looking forward to continuing to use Sally Hansen's Salon Effects nail strips. I have "Misbehaved" - the fishnet pattern, as well as the lace design at home waiting to be used. 

Since I'm off next week from work, expect more posts!

Enjoy your holidays!!

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