Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gaga's Workshop - Edge of Glory Duo

Good afternoon!!
Being the monster cyborg that I am, I love me some Lady Gaga. So I was thrilled when I looked at the Gaga's Workshop by Barney's website to view her nail polishes, strips and press-on's!

The Edge of Glory duo really caught my eye. You can check it out BY CLICKING HERE.

$45 is a LOT to pay for two polishes, especially if one is a black creme. 25% of the proceeds go to the Born this Way foundation, and for a limited time you can get 25% using the promocode MONSTER25. Granted, it IS by Deborah Lippman... but when I checked out swatches of this polish, it looks like a flakie that could be duped in the new Finger Paints collection!

Have you compared them? Would you purchase the Gaga polish set? What do you think?