Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Toxic Shore got destroyed pretty quickly. One hour of cleaning out my car, and done. But that just meant I got to play around again that night!

Check out magna-crackle after the jump.

This turned out "just okay". I was hoping for a better result, but I can't say I'm entirely displeased. Here we go!

All of my fingers are torn up. Please ignore that.

This combination was made using Layla Magneffect polish in "11 - Silver Galaxy" and OPI's "Navy Shatter".

I used the shatter to cover up where the magnetic effect wasn't as prominent, hoping the jelly-like consistency of Navy Shatter would still allow some of the magnetic waves to show through.

But I am not pleased with how this particular Shatter polish crackled. It is far too thin for my taste, especially on my right hand:

These pictures were taken indoors, with a softened flash.

The Navy Shatter looks so stringy! It is definitely headed into my "share" bin. I don't hate it so much that I am going to remove it immediately, though. Maybe tomorrow night.

During application, my top coat erased the middle third of my right thumb. Ugh, that is annoying. But I grabbed the magnet really quickly and was able to resurrect the wave:

Not as prominent as the outer thirds of my nail, but it's there! It looks like one of those spiral-things outside of a barber shop, the way the three waves work themselves out.

I love the color of Silver Galaxy, and that it has glitter in it (this is the only magnetic polish that I'm aware of to do this). Its wave effect is more subtle than the Nails Inc. polishes, or even the other Layla colors. But it is still possible to get a strong enough wave that it is noticeable, though. I find myself staring at it constantly and just moving my fingers around.


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