Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Lily Love Super Bass

Late last week, I was thrilled to receive my Christmas present to myself - a mini-haul!
In that package, the following colors arrived at my office's doorstep...
OPI - I Lily Love You
OPI - Metallic 4 Life
OPI - Super Bass Shatter
China Glaze - Glittering Garland

I couldn't resist using at least (2) of these ASAP for a manicure... and I guess you can tell which ones those are from the title. Onwards!

Nicki Minaj is awesome. She is super talented and from NYC to boot! BOOM-ba-dum-bum-BOOM-ba-dum-bum hey!

Though I don't love this collection as much as OPI's Katy Perry collection, there are still a few gems in it. Metallic 4 Life and Super Bass Shatter, specifically. I also purchased "Save Me" separately, but it's less than thrilling. Perhaps if there were more holo bar glitters and less silver micro-glitter, it may fascinate me more.

This manicure is holding up very well thanks to the acrylic powder I had applied last week. In addition to a new nail oil I've been using, my fingers look pretty darn good for once! Let's see some pictures, mmmyes?

This combo consists of (2) coats of Funky Fingers Gaga Glitter, (1) coat of Super Bass Shatter, and (1) coat of I Lily Love You, all topped with one coat of Diamond Dry to leave it perfectly smooth. This picture leans a little more red than the look actually is - it's far more purple. But let's blame that on fluorescent lighting. You can also see some of the beautiful flakie & glitter colors from I Lily Love You in this shot - check out the blue sparkles on my ring finger! Love.

Gaga Glitter is a bright pink creme with fine holo glitter scattered throughout. It is basically what the pinks in Color Club's Starry Temptress collection should have been. The holo glitter is very fine and barely visible to the naked eye in this combo.

The shatter applied and cracked very well. I tried to layer it on thick, since I like big cracks that are prominent and show a good deal of the base color. Super Bass Shatter does that, surely. It applied sheer but became more opaque as it dried and came together, thankfully. I was afraid it was going to be a jelly shatter like Red & Navy shatters by OPI, which I despise.

This picture is blurry, but my main objective here was to capture how sparkly I Lily Love you is on this combination. There are some BIG flakes on my middle finger, and the blue sparkles on my ring finger are really prominent again in this picture.

This picture was taken in the dark with flash, and is perfectly true to color. It doesn't showcase the glitters and flakies as much as it does the difference between Gaga Glitter & Super Bass Shatter. The previous three pictures make the combination seem like the colors are much more similar than they truly are, besides both being in the pink/red/purple family of colors.

What is nice about this combination of colors is that it's "cool" but at the same time not outrageous. When I wore this into the office, no one reacted by saying OMG WHAT ARE YOU WEARING ON YOUR NAILS. The comments were more like, "That looks really nice!" instead of "Wow, that's.... different."

I have no problem wearing "different" colors to work, but in some places this is more of an issue than others.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Coming up soon, I'm going to compare China Glaze Glittering Garland & Revlon Rainforest... they are both gorgeous!!


  1. Every time I see I Lily Love You, I remember just what a great polish it is! I really like your combination, the Super Bass shatter is very tempting because the color is so nice. I'm resisting because I don't really use the shatters I already have.

    1. I don't use them either! I have a ton of China Glaze crackles and two OPI's (I wound up giving the majority of them away), but just never use them. Super Bass is a great color though - it will go well with so many colors.

      I Lily Love You was definitely one of OPI's crowning jewels of 2011. Flakie fun times!


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