Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cute Holiday Hair Idea

Good morning!
Starting this out with my first real blog post - it's pretty simple, but cute, and an easy way to jazz up your hair if you are lazy like me.
This morning, the Christmas tree was going up in my office. I'm a sucker for all things sparkly, so when I saw random threads of tinsel laying around, I couldn't resist putting them in my hair.
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My first idea was to subtly add a bit of sparkle to my hair. Braids were in big-time this year, so I added a few strands of tinsel into a tiny braid near my face.

You can see it slightly more prominently towards the bottom of the picture and near my eye - the slight sparkle that catches the light.
All that was done here was holding the tinsel with a section of hair to be braided. Then continue to braid as normal from there and secure with an elastic, the tinsel shouldn't slide out. This would be a cute way to do one of those "halo" braids for a party!

Another way to be a little more forthright with your tinsel-wearing fun is to treat the strands as hair extensions. This takes a little more work to make it smooth, but it looks like your hair is made out of SPARKLES. Mmmyes.

Given my limited resources here, I used a tiny rubber band (similar to those you get that hold utensils together from a take-out place) to secure about 5 strands of tinsel near my scalp. This would probably work best behind the ear or nape of the neck using this method.
It's probably best secured with a bead, like those used to put feather extensions in. And then, of course, it can go anywhere. But this was an impromptu urge for sparkle, so please bear with me.

I may try to experiment with other types and colors of tinsel as we move through the holiday season. It also helps if your hair has a bit of texture to it, in order to help hold the style.

My hair is naturally very fine and thin, but last night I was too lazy to style my hair and simply sprayed Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray in my damp hair before going to bed. That added a little wave and grittiness, plus a matte finish that helps the tinsel's sparkle to stand out.

I hope you enjoyed my first real post, more to come (soon)!


  1. Totally unrelated, but your lashes look amazing- what mascara do you use?

    And now I want to add some silver holographic tinsel in my hair!

  2. I use Lash Blast! It's the best.

  3. Too funny, that's what I use too! I knew there was a reason I liked it. It's amazing.


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